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Detail and review DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter

Recently the DJI has launched the Phantom with a slimmer design and pure white.The new design of Phantom 4 shows if weights heavier than its predecessor Phantom and no doubt our thinking for the results of the video will be stable. Phantom 4 more flight timenya more long i.e. around 25% and the maximum speed can reach20 m/s. Phantom 4 in fill several new features including a Vision to avoid obstacles.Tap the Fly that could measure a certain height so that the phantom is not bangedthe bottom when moving. The last is the Active Track which allows to lock the desired object and then follow it up with a certain distance.

With a sensor in the Phantom 4 certainly we as users need to pay attention to the condition of the sensor at any time either from dust, mildew or else because the sensor is a device that is very prone to. Also had no word from the user if the Active Track is not working with the reason the object was too fast and the camera did not get 4 Phantom locks due objects too far.

Well that last bit of explanation of the latest generation of DJI Phantom. We discussed the benefits and shortcomings of what wrote, you guys definitely curious

First, the price is a bit expensive around $1400 or else dirupiahkan around $ 1430, for that money you will not only get an awesome new drone with a flight of incredible abilities but you also get along with a camera and video camera 4 k high resolution photos that can almost be said the quality is the same as the GoPro.

Secondly, users need a tablet or smartphone to connect to remote controls to display a navigation or any function or even though it is the same as its predecessor. While on the one hand, this means more flexible navigation screen size options, it also means taking your new iPad with a glossy screen or any other smartphone to display when you decide to use out into the field with the drones in any weather to fly. That means the risk of such damage and extra money spent to repair or replace. In this case, Yuneec beat DJI with built-in display their navigation.

Third, the landing gear and the camera fixed to his body makes a little bit heavy drone is a bit more complicated than that. Also the more important is the orientation of the camera, it can not be upgraded, replaced or just deleted for other uses on dreadlocks grip. Thus, the Phantom 4 will not be able to replace the camera e.g. by GoPro camera action cam, action or another. Overall design of phantom 4 a bit too big compared to other competitor brands that look leaner and stronger.

First, The Scanner Sensor Barriers
During this time, the drones are circulating on the market simply rely on the sense of sight from users only. But this time, specifications phantom 4 also supported a pair of sensors on the front two legs that serves as additional ' eyes ' that is able to scan the objects around it. So if users are less careful against objects that hinder the pace of drone, both the sensors will automatically respond with the barrier, either carriage way sideways, fly higher, the lower the altitude, until it stops in the air. Interestingly, the sensor also serves as the antenna that receives commands from a smartphone belonging to the user. Only by pointed at one point by means of double tap on the screen smartphone or tablet, the drone will move towards a predetermined point.

Second, The Following Objects
In addition to following the movement of the object, the latest drone of DJI also can fly by way of circling those objects and Phantom 4 claimed capable of following the movements of up to a speed of 72 km/h.

Third, The Performance Of The Camera
The performance of the camera in the DJI Phantom 4 has video recording capability of a maximum of 4 k resolution with a frame rate of 30 fps, or Full-HD with 120 fps. While to increase the sharpness of the image, the camera uses a special lens 4 Phantom equipped 3-Axis dreadlocks that reduces the effects of vibration or the beat during the broadcast.

Fourth, A Longer Duration
A little different from the previous generation, the Phantom has a longer flying time. Problems that frequently complain about user drone is a flying time or duration is relatively short. DJI Phantom 4 claimed to have a flying time of about 25% longerthan the previous generation
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