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How To Make Your Own Drone-CEF LEGO QUAD V.2.0

I present to you my new CEF Lego Quad v. 2

This version n better in weight and dimensions, now with a lighter bat and achieving a increase 20 minutes of flight. I confess that I do not excite much, since F Sica is very similar to the version N 1, also I think it is a little more Fr Gil.

In any case it is a good drone to serve them, if they build it, to take increase bles videos or practice for racing, as it is a very r and very stable drone.

For the video I recommend C small and light maras, because the change of the batting a slightly limits the capacity of flight with load.

Of this model I have no videos, and I think I do not film, I have unarmed to build a new model of PVC, I have drawn and I have very excited! Soon I see it n.

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