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Best Drone Review Blog

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Let's Review Drone DJI Phantom 1

One of the latest trend at the moment is review Drone DJI Phantom. This tool comes from the United States which will help workers or have a hobby that is associatedwith the camera. This camera is capable of manifesting the desires and dreams of the camera with the camera which is able to fly with up to 180 degree maneuver.
Drone is the designation for DJI Phantom. This camera is able to fly because the propeller is equipped with as many as four fruit for a standard coverage, also known as quad copter. As for taking pictures with a camera like the 5 d DSLR, its usage using the blades as much as eight fruits
Than the four above, certainly cost much more expensive. Some lay people will definitely think for what spending money on costly to review the DJI Phantom Drone 1looks like a toy. However, for those who understand will this product with the specifications as well as a variety of features with benefits, must have felt obliged to have it.

In addition to the review of the Drone Phantom 1, DJI DJI Phantom Drones also have the version 2 and 3. However, for Indonesia, user Drone DJI Phantom 1 is the most. Unlike the version 2 and 3 who already have their own cameras, the owner must have at least one version of the go pro.
the first is regarding its use. To control this tool, you will use the remote and see its way through the drone of the screen monitor on the remote. It's what makes the version 1 is still favored, because in version 2 this monitor does not exist.

However, with applications that can be downloaded through your smartphone can get the monitor application. Unfortunately, in addition to the need to elaborate with indirect remotenya with Smartphones, applications used in version 2 it must havea stable network. While in Indonesia, 3Gnya network just yet smoothly in all areas.

How skillful the DJI Drone review running Phantom 1 it turns out very easily. You can practice using the simulatornya in the PC or computer and buying a toy helicopter and learn to control it. Although using it not too hard, but with this intense workout that will make you more proficient and avoid the risk of collapse of the drone. So, with this, you can minimize the damage given the price of the drone is expensive and you have to keep it well.

In a review of the Drone is also 1 Phantom DJI GPS that complement its work. Before flying the drone, GPS will be locked automatically. So we lose them or lowbat drone, a drone will return to the position initially. So, don't be afraid of missing.

For distance flown, in urban areas that have many buildings and tree height, distance flown is usually just 500 m away. As for the remote areas could reach 1 km, provided that there is no interruption of the signal or tall buildings. For the time of the flight suit, before the battery indicator flashes indicating will run out just 15 minutesaway.
This is where finesse is required, to be able to take advantage of the moment to take the perfect picture. Before use, the battery power to be filled in about 2 to 3 hours to 15 minutes of flying time. Preferably, have battery backup more than 1 piece for ease of operation back to avoid long waits for charging the battery first.

For an expensive price, the cheaper version of the one from version 2 which is about 7 millions. However, because you are required to have a go pro cost about 3 millions, so the total of 10 millions. While version 2, it was 16 millions. Drone DJI Phantom version 1 is so exclusive with his best features.

As the first generation, Phantom 1 is good exercise for beginners in flying the drones. Performancenya high, ready to fly, with the calculation that is so effective. Easily controlled with the stability and security of flying, including GPS. Have a manual mode and allowing full control of the aircraft while flying

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