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Review and Spesification -SYMA X8W

 Syma X8w

The latest drone has been released by the manufacturer of the syma. Now its flagship product has issued syma i.e. drone syma X8SW. If not believe official website have a look at the best symatoys.

Drone syma X8SW was launched simultaneously with its relatives i.e. syma X8SC. Toreview the specifications of syma X8SC please read here. But of the two productsthere is little difference .

Drone syma X8SW is a product of update-an or the refinement of previous products namely syma X8HW. Can be said so because of specs and features almost the same drone syma X8HW, only for syma X8SW these new features plus One Key Take Off.


As the newest products, syma X8SW surely also born with the latest features of syma. And the new features of syma X8SW this is a feature of One Key Take Off/Landing. While for other specs and features are still the same with the previous producti.e. syma X8HW.

Complete Specification Drone Syma X8SW;
Quadcopter, 4 chanel, 6 Axis Gyro
Frequency control 2, 4 GHz
FPV 1MP camera HD
Dimensions 50 x 50 x 19 cm
Batteries 7, 4V Li-ion 2000mAh
The range of 70 meters
Remote batteries 4 "AA"
Flying time 20 minutes
Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, 360 eversion
One Key Take Off/Landing


This syma X8SW drone design itself is still similar to the Arc series predecessors. For the design, shape and size are exactly the same with syma X8SC. The difference ofboth products only on his camera only.

With larger size i.e. 50 x 50 x 19 cm, with a size that is large enough the drones syma X8SW also able to mengankat action camera.
For bodi X8SW is still embraced the syma X frame, and its shape is also still a line with X8HW. But the form and the sticker exact syma X8SC.
For the landing gear still also use 4 pieces leg as the previous version. Turning to safety or propeller protectors, protectors of design syma X8SW this more compact/simple off on Arc series the previous version. To protektornya a somewhat triangular shaped curved subjected to one side
And the syma X8SW uses Led as the charge indicators will located in the four arms.And still use the led indicator orange and green, where the orange color indicates the front of the quadcopter.


To feature this one mandatory law for syma X8SW, why? because it is a descendant of X8W series in which one of its features is the FPV. SyMa X8SW 1MP HD cameraequipped to take photographs and videos
By having this on the FPV camera syma X8SW, then we can directly monitor the results of our smartphone video via wifi. To view the video directly we can arrange through the application of syma fpv can we download.

To save the results of a photo or a video, we can insert a microSD card in the camera. So the results of the video would be better and not broken as via wifi.

Although these cameras are already HD but for the result don't expect too high. For the result itself is still like the previous version, the result is less sharp. If sahbat are less satisfied with the results of his camera, sahbat can replace it with a cam action like xiaomi yi or gopro.



SyMa newest quadcopter is a product of X8SW, it is appropriate that this syma X8SW provided the latest resources anyway. Yup ... syma X8SW also uses the latest technology batteries of syma, with efficiency and high technology, as well as more power full course.
for battery design syma X8SW this is clearly different from the previous version 8. For this latest, more chic, cool design and look of the premium from the previous version.


Syma X8SW drone is controlled with a remote control with frequency of 2.4 GHz. Remote-control drone syma X8SW uses new design and features and very different from the previous version. The design is more simple and compact, and already there is no LCD remote like the previous Arc.
Accompanied by phone holder which is useful for laying out a smartphone and see or take photos or video. Remote control syma X8SW is wearing a battery battery size four AA 1, 5V.


The most recent features of syma i.e. One Key Take Off is also not forget its newestproducts embedded in X8SW. And the latest features this is seeded or highlightedon the product syma X8SW.
Excess syma X8SW:

-Compact and elegant Design
Syma newest features One Key Take Off
More compact and Battery-power full
FPV Cameras

Syma X8SW Deficiencies:

-Camera Results are less sharp
-On the remote there is no LCDnya

Of strengths and weaknesses, syma X8SW very deserving to be owned and is very suitable for beginners. Because with the latest features and of course with reasonable price.

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