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Review EHANG Ghostdrone 4K Camera Set It's A Really GHOST ??

Ehang is a manufacturer of Chinese origin drones since last year has become a media discussion because Ehang has introduced sophisticated drones and revolutionary who rated as easiest drones used in the world today. Drone is named Ghostdrone Ehang 2.0 Aerial model. Ehang make it in such a way to make it sound more like a flying camera that requires little control by humans. Drone is rated as the most easy to use drones because drones this can you control movement through your smartphone. Cool right? so anyone can use this drone.

Ghostdrone has a sleek design and has been designed so that covers most of the specifications found in the other drones in the market. You will enjoy a 4 k camera dreadlocks, a 3-axis tilt control, smartphones and some boilerplate on autopilot algorithms that is super cool. In addition features the most sophisticated of these drones are the VR System (Virtual Reality), so you can feel in the real flying experience thanks to the presence of features of VR (Virtual Reality) that connected with Sports 4 k Camera. Keren dah bener, so you stay menolehkan your head up down or laterally to alter the viewing angle of the camera, feels just like flying with a simulator
Drone is unique in that it has no control RC transmitter okay in General. Control of the drone is dependent on application smartphone or tablet with the help of G-box. You can use either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for easy communication between the G-box and Ghost are flying in the air. This is the aircraft without the crew that has been tailored to meet the needs of the general public, particularly pilots who are looking for a drone that has an easy to use interface and has no previous experience flying the drones.

Ehang Ghostdrone 2.0 has the dimensions 480 x 480 x 100 mm and rotornya as well as the body is made of carbon fiber. This quadcopter drones have a wingspan of about 14.2 inches and weighs above an average of 1.4 pounds. This drone is available in several colors: red, black and white.

Ehang Ghostdrone has an external camera and can contain several large cameras such as the GoPro Hero 3, GoPro Hero GoPro Hero 3 +, 4 as well as Ehang Sports camera. You can easily install the camera onto the main body of the drone with the help of dreadlocks stabilization compatible. Stabilization of dreadlocks from this particular drone capable of supporting two axis of rotation, which in simple terms means that the camera's focus and stability will be maintained when the drones will be spinning aerial.

Drones is also equipped with a ball-shaped camera that allows you to record videos in 4 k resolution with a sharp high-quality photos 12 MP. This camera has a lens and 2.8 openings 93 drajat wide-angle.

Ghostdrone uses a Lithium Polymer battery, 3S 5, 400mAh, which have the power of 11V. This is a powerful battery, but you should also note that this increases the overall weight of the drone.

These drones can fly with maximum time of about 30 minutes, the time is higher than the average flight from the same drones in the market. Drones is also capable of carrying extra weight around 1000 grams or pounds 2.20 which means that the Ghostdrone Aerial has slightly above average capacity compared with normal payload capacity.

Ghostdrone utilizing a Smartphone or a Tablet as a system control using the applications that Play there've Ehang create Android & iOS, it is this feature that makes it more prominent than any other drone. The operating range for the drones is up to 1000 metres and a minimum operating system compatibility is iOS or Android 3.0 7.0.

Running Ghostdrone is easy because you only need a Android or iOS application to control the drones. Through the use of your application can be can easily control the orientation and the height of the drone by simply sliding the bar on a compatible device you use. What's more is that the camera GoPro also controllable using the application.

IOS and Android applications will allow you to switch between the camera face down and forward and this will help you to avoid a collision. The application also gives you the opportunity to combine some gesture control. With the support of features Tilt Control makes navigation complex process drone becomes intuitive and convenient. Than using the joystick or controller RC (Remote Controller).

This application will also allow you to set features waypoints and follow-me that have been added to it along with the function of auto-return home, a feature that is quite convenient for beginners or in situations when the battery will die.

Virtual Reality Goggles
Ghostdrone aerial 2.0 known as drones the most easy to use. But in addition there are also High technology 

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