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Best Drone Review Blog

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Review New Drone DJI Spark

What are the specs and features of the DJI Spark

As a giant manufacturer of drone through the series Phantom, why DJI willingly make a tiny drone "charge" can fly 16 minutes?

DJI is using the slogan "seize the moment" to introduce a Spark.

Yup! DJI Spark indeed designed to capture the moment of togetherness aka selfie rame-rame. Any easy way to get your videos and photos with minimal experience in the drones there at DJI Spark.

So if during this Yuneec Breeze or Xiro options Mini drones to selfie, now fans canchoose DJI Spark. Its shape is similar to Mavic Pro or Yuneec Breeze but far more Petite sizes, Palm-sized. Any colour varied and typical of young children. The question now:

What are the advantages and features of the DJI Spark

Despite its diminutive size, thus no menggarapnya DJI. Spark still has a number of new advanced features including Hand Gesture and fashion QuickShot.

Here are some of the features of the latest Spark DJI ...

Hand Gesture
In a press release, DJI assured that anyone can pilot the DJI Spark. Even if haven't been flying drones before, guaranteed it will remain able to pilot the DJI Spark. Moreover, because of its remote control need only hand.

When the DJI Spark airs off of your hands, he automatically using the Gesture mode. Only with the Palm of the hand, you can control it to do including the Spark selfie and then call him closer again

Example control uses the hand movements:

waving to distance drones
formed box with photo clicked for finger movement
waving hands and hold it in the open position for landing
DJI has a Spark lighter body than a can of soda (300 gr) and fit in a small bag though. Menerbangkannya only in a matter of seconds and can wear the smartphone as a controller, in addition to relying on the hand gesture.
Fashion Quickhot
Well this is cool! Even when we experience the skimpy menerbang drones, we can still maneuver video mode using ciamik Quickshot.

QuickShot Intelligent Flight Mode facilitates Spark to fly yourself following the route while recording a short video without losing the trail. There are 4 modes: QuickShot

Rocket: Spark bolted straight into the air with his camera downward
Dronie: Spark fly upward and away from the object
Circle: fly circled the object
Helix: fly upward spiral away from the subject.
DJI Spark weighs just 300 grams or two times the weight of the iPhone mobile phone 5S. Dimesinya 143x143x55 millimeters. Very small, indeed. However, the drone equipped camera resolution 12 megapixel camera has a sensor diaphragm openings 1/2.3 "with a field of view 81.9 degrees, and the opening of the diaphragm reaching f/2.6. The maximum size of the image generated is quite large: 3.968 2.976 x pixels.

Hargnya is quite affordable, US $499 , This price is for a basic package including drones, battery charger, USB, and three pairs of blades. Of course, this price is not excessively drain bag.

There are also packages with around US $699 or equivalent Rp 9.5 million with an extra battery, a pair of new propeller, and remote controller. Also, there is a guard, hub propeller charging, and a additional wiring
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