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Best Drone Review Blog

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Review Of Drone DJI Mavic

Drone is not inferior to Phantom 4 because it also has some arguably interesting specifications. The tagline is carried by drones DJI Mavic this is wherever you go so many say the quality is very satisfying. This DJI Mavicdji mavic review? The following are include:

The first thing is for the drones equipped with sensors on the front and bottom of the body of drones which have the ability to avoid obstacles, then automatic landing, follow an object and also the stability in space without using GPS.

Then for his camera alone are still using 4 k camera and a full HD, but its small size, then a slight narrowing perspectives, from 94 degrees be 78 degrees and is capable of transmitting live video images from a distance of approximately 6.8 km and to the battery itself is indeed arguably more wasteful than the earlier series because of its ability to fly high speed IE 64 kpj in a time 27 minutes.

And then to a remote controlnya allows users to menerbangkannya with Mavic without using controllernya, but it can be done by using your smartphone.
Drones also has another feature, namely a software which has the ability to be able to follow the user regardless of the move, besides his camera will also focus more to you at the time the fly in front of you. You can also take photos automatically with selfie how to create the shape of the box by hand, later the drone will count down.
For the price of a drone DJI Mavic is arguably quite expensive, but for the quality isof course very well secured, and you can make it as a tool to document the moment that you think are important and interesting.

Camera 12MP, 4 k FULL HD 1080 p at 30 FPS and 96fps
Old Flying Drones 24 minutes
Drone speed 65 Km/h on a Sport fashion
7 km Distance Video streaming 720 p HD and full HD 1080 p
Dreadlocks 3-Axis
Ocusyns Drone technology, video Downloads 40mbps for max speed
Active Track
Ultrasonic Waves, ToF Sensors, Fight Autonomy
GPS and GLONASS, 2 rangerfingders ultrasonic sensor, redanden
Selfie Auto Gesture
Height, width and length height: 83mm.
Width: 83mm.
Length: 198mm
743 gram weight

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