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How To Create A Drone Quadcopter Lets make your own Drone

What are the components required for this could make a quadcopter who can fly and record video? What price the components to assemble a video drone quadcopter? If you are an interested in the world of drones or quadcopter but would like to learn to make and assemble their own rather than buy quadcopter quadcopter already so and ready to use
How to create a Drone Quadcopter and component lists

Basically a drone quadcopter uses several main parts below:

Motor 4 pieces
Electronic Speed Control (ESC) 4 pieces
Flight Control Board
Radio transmitter and receiver
4buah propeller (2 2 clockwise and counterclockwise)
Battery Charger &
Tutorial on how to create a drone quadcopter this time, the addition of a GPS, camera and other accessories can be adapted to your budget and the use of drones quadcopter 

1. Frame

To support all the components or parts required by a drone, we need a main cantilever frame, the most important thing in choosing order are: Weight, materials andsizes.
Quadcopter has 4 arms that support the 4 pieces of the rotor and vanes, you should make sure to have the sleeve 4 thickness, kelebaran and equal weight, it is so artificial quadcopter you guys have excellent stability when in use.

If you do not want the hassle, many frames that are already so sold in stores or RC quadcopter, examples of the most widely used frames is DJI FlameWheel F450, you guys can find it through google because an awful lot of selling price ranges the quadcopter frame at $45 if you want to buy a cheaper version of the clone

2.Motor Or Rotor

Motor used as the player so that the propeller quadcopter homemade you can fly and maneuver. A great many types of motors that are sold over the counter, but there are some things that you guys notice.

Motor grouped based on size, the higher the kilovolt kV his faster also may spin motor. Usually when purchasing motor special quadcopter, you guys will get a specification such as: how many ampere ESC recommendation is needed and the size of the propeller.

Tutorial on how to create a drone quadcopter this time around, you can buy a motor with a size of 1000 kV, you guys can find it by entering the phrase "sell brush-less motor 1000kV" on google. then you guys will get a lot of people who sell the item

3. ESC-Electronic Speed Control

ESC or Electronic Speed Controls are components that work set the speed round on each motor. You guys need 4 pieces of the ESC is connected to each of the 4 motorcycles of yesteryear.

Later, the ESC is connected with a battery as a power source via a socket or via power distribution board first. Motor rotation accuracy is very important to maintain stability quadcopter, so use the appropriate ESC and quality.

As a recommendation, use the ESC contained therein, Simonk Firmware Firmware is capable of changing the refresh rate of the ESC so that it is capable of delivering more instructions per second much of the ESC to the motor. To find the proper ESC, use the phrase "Sell Simonk 30A ESC" on the google search engine then you will be offered various brands

4.Flight Controller

This is the central component of a Quadcopter Controller board, in the Flight there is a gyroscope sensor in charge to determine the orientation of the motion sensorand accelerometer that reads the speed and slope of quadcopter.

Many of those who assemble quadcopter himself used the Flight Controller HobbyKing KK 2.0 because it is easy to use and can be used for the hexacopter tricopter and have a number of different motor with quadcopter

5.Radio Transmitter

6.So that more simple we call it Remote Controller. If you want to use the Flight Controller HobbyKing KK 2.0, at least you guys have to buy remote controller that has 4 channel.

Usually to control quadcopter, able to use Turnigy 9xR brand, this brand is very popular in Indonesia so you guys will have no trouble in finding this stuff. Turnigy 9xRhas 9 channel, so you can use this remote for other projects in the future

6.Propeller blades

Better known as Propeller, to create an artificial fly, y'all quadcopter propeller used is 2 pairs a pair of spinning clockwise and a pair of spinning again against the direction of the clock or commonly called pusher.

To fit with other components that are written in the article how to create a drone this quadcopter, suggested using the propeller size 9 × 4.7. to find the right propeller use the phrase "sell the propeller 9 × 47" on the google search engine and make sure you guys bought 2 pieces that rotates clockwise (normal) and 2 rotating counter-clockwise (pusher).


Typically, the battery type quadcopter LiPo (lithium polymer), for the project in this article, use the LiPo battery 3000mAh 3S1P 20 c specs. This means that the battery capacity 3000mAh 3S1P, meaning 3 cell mounted in parallel, with each cell has a 3.7 volt battery this means the voltage of 11.1 volts. While C is short of Capacity, so 20 C 3000mAh 20 meaning with * 3000 = 60000mAh = 60 a. 60A is the current that the battery was issued within a moment.

The larger battery capacity, will be even greater as well its size, the larger the size of the battery will add to the burden of that received by quadcopter


LiPo battery charging process have a difficult process because the Chargers have to do charge and discharega on some cell in a LiPo battery in the same time.

The most popular and widely available in the market are branded IMAX B6 Lipo Balance Charger, because it is believed to have the stability of the filling.

How To Assemble The Components Of The Overall

Usually when purchasing the komponen2 above, you will receive a manual book that gives information where the tip of A should be linked and where the tip of B must be connected.

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