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Mavic Pro – Advanced Drones Should Be Owned The Traveller-Complete Review

Every year I visited several cities in Indonesia for a variety of activities such as business or just a walk. And hence, often times I was at locations that have the beautiful natural scenery, unique and not widely known. Would love the travel document the tastes and share experiences in the form of photos or videos using drones, why the drone? Because with the use of drones there are many "angle" that could not be obtained by using a regular camera. But the desire to have the drone as a friend travel should be buried deeply after looking at the size of the drone with the specs I wanted turned out to be quite a hassle to carry while traveling. Had coveted the DJI Phantom 3, but again I doubt it because it takes a special bag to carry it, it means the load when traveling so grow and quite troublesome.

The dream could come true when 2016 DJI as one of the most famous producers of drones (the manufacturer of the Phantom as well) secrete Mavic Pro series. Drone advanced specs as I want but the size is small and compact, do not bother to carry while traveling. Big name DJI makes me not feel free to directly Add To Cart button on the official website of the DJI Store and then pay it.
Simple and easy to use

before, I never fly or use any kind of drone. So arguably I experience a BIG ZERO in terms of drones, I really learn in advance the first time Mavic Pro is receiving the goods. As it turns out is really simple and not as difficult as imagined before.

Mavic Pro design made me very impressed, arm and direct his fan can be folded and placed in a bag/backpack without having to remove the individual commandments themselves like Phantom type. Have dimensions length 198 mm, height 83 millimeters wide, and 83 millimeters, the size a little larger than the iPhone's 7, and the weight of the white garment is nothing more than 740 grams! Truly a very compact device and portabale.

Mavic Pro is very easy to operate, as I didn't take long to learn menerbang fuck it up. A series of powerful features like Auto Fly, Auto Landing, Return To Home, Beginner Mode, etc really help a novice like me to operate it. But keep in mind, look for ample areas and not many to try flying this drone, always prioritizing their safety!

Flight Autonomy is one of the advanced features that owned Mavic Pro so able to shy away from any obstructions or objects in the vicinity, this feature also makes the Mavic Pro is able to fly with stable wind conditions even in a pretty toned. Equipped with a global positioning system or GPS and GLONASS for accuracy of location, there are also 5 camera sensor and 2 ultrasonic range finder, redundant sensors as well as 24 computing cores, all of which make it fairly safe to drones flown. But alas, not equipped with the sensor behind, therefore you have to be super careful when maneuvering backwards to the rear.
The ability to fly and the camera

One thing I like from this drone is, we don't need much time to prepare it to fly. You just need to open part of the arm that is already installed the blades, press the buttons on 2 x, wait a few seconds and you're ready for drones flown, really practical.

These drones have the capability to fly at speeds of up to 75 km/h (sport mode) with a distance of cruising up to 7 kilometres, I never tried until a distance of 4 kilometres without any difficulty and the drone safely back hehehe. The ability of his battery to 27 minutes and is highly recommended if you already live 30%, immediately call the home especially if you drone on the beach with the wind, because the battery will be depleted faster drone when wind conditions are pretty toned.

Mavic Pro are also armed with 12 megapixel-enabled camera, so capable of recording 4 k resolution video with 30 frames per second, to make clear and steady cameras when shooting, the drones are equipped with 3 Axis Stabilization Dreadlocks. The camera is also equipped with dreadlocks and protector, so you don't have to worry about scraping the scratched lens camera.

With this kind of ability, Mavic Pro spoil you who love photography or videography. The technology of all-seeing-eye lets you record all the moments you want without worry about losing control of drones.

Remote Control

Mavic Pro comes with a remote control that is also compact and integrates with your device iPhone, iPad or Android. The accompanying application DJI GO come much more feature makes it easy to operate drones, especially to perform maneuvers to produce pretty pictures or videos as you want. It was so easy, my daughter who is 13 years old do not need a long time to adapt and operate the Mavic Pro. Who likes to play games on the PS4 will definitely love this remote control directly
Active Track

One of my favorite features is the ability of Active Track, according to a variety of information, this feature first appeared in the DJI Phantom 4 and a better development experience when embedded on Mavic Pro. This feature enables the drone to identify moving objects and the objects with the following flying maneuver that you want.

In addition there is also a feature of the Tripod Mode, with this feature you can produce images with a very subtle drones as often you see in hollywood movies.

Here are some videos that I created using a Mavic Pro and take advantage of the features of the Active Track, all the video below does not involve a third person, or in other words, the shooting was done by yourself

I buy the Mavic Pro directly on the official site DJI Store, they provide shipping services to Indonesia, you will get a tracking code which allows you to keep track of the position of goods shipment. Even after that, a few times I order additional accessories although only worth $20-$ 30 shipped and fixed up quickly.

Buy directly on the website of DJI Store is pretty easy and simple, pay pake Paypal or credit card, and sent directly to our address in Indonesia by using DHL. The delivery did not take long, only about 2 weeks the goods already reached home safely. Indeed there is an additional charge upon delivery, I forget how, because when the goods up to coincidence I was out of town.
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