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Best Drone Review Blog

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Review-DJI’s Inspire 1 Pro is a Perfect Drone For Pro Shooters

The impressive individuals at DJI continue steadily to design drones that thrust the boundaries of aerial picture taking (and bare the wallets of anxious onlookers). A fresh release of the Inspire 1 with an extra Micro Four Thirds camera system just lately arrived, and we just experienced an opportunity to test drive it out. Let's find out if it lives up to the high requirements of its price.

This camera drone can be intimidating to behold. Coming in at almost 6.5 pounds and 1.5 feet wide, there is no hiding that this is a large piece of professional equipment and not a toy for your kids. Below the drone itself sits the new Zenmuse Micro Four Thirds sensor with a DJI branded 15mm f/1.7 lens capable of capturing crystal clear 4K video and high-definition imagery.
Don’t worry, however, we won’t be skipping over the drone and jumping right to the camera. When a company places a $4,500 drone with low-level artificial intelligence into our hands, anyone is crazy to think that they won’t be giving the unit a thorough testing to see what it can truly accomplish.

DJI’s Inspire 1 was released last year to much fanfare with a 12MP fixed-lens 20mm f/2.8 camera capable of capturing 4K video with a Sony EMOR 1/2.3-inch sensor. Standard operating capabilities of the unit have not changed with the new Zenmuse camera system; features include the ability to travel at 50mph, ascend as high as 15,000 feet, and fly in sub-zero freezing temperatures. (Sadly, my boss turned down my request for a weekend of testing in the Arctic.)

As far as the unit’s design is concerned, we imagine that it is the dream of every super villain. The main housing of the unit is stark white and features an aerodynamic design that conjures up mental imagery of attack fighter jets. Jutting out from the white center unit are two carbon fiber bars that then hold the four rotors required for the unit to takeoff. The entire unit is built extremely well and makes the still incredible Phantom seem like a plastic toy.

Just under the main housing sits the dark black Micro Four Thirds Zenmuse camera system with DJI’s 15mm f/1.7 lens. At first glance, one might think that the aircraft’s four legs get in the way of filming, but that is where this drone has a trick up its sleeve. After you take-off with the unit, simply flick a toggle switch on the controller to have the four legs raise above the aircraft’s body. The procedure is so fascinating to watch that we have captured the process in a video below.
Before you take-off, however, you need to make sure that a few pre-flight list items have been checked. The Inspire 1 includes a silver and white colored controlled that has to be fully charged. The controller is nearly identical to the Phantom controls, but with the added addition of the gray coloring and a landing gear toggle switch. Once your controller is ready to go, you can attach your tablet or smartphone, which allows you to see what your drone is currently viewing along with other statistics concerning its flight.

We imagine that most individuals who pick up the Inspire 1 will be professional aerial pilots purchasing dual controller systems, but for those of you who want to treat yourself to a birthday gift – a single controller works quite well. You fly the aircraft using the joysticks as with any other drone, but you can use the touch screen to pan the drone’s view.
As we power up the motor and ascend into the sky, the Inspire 1 is visually more stable in the windy weather when compared to the Phantom 3. DJI notes that the unit has a 2.5m horizontal hovering accuracy while in GPS mode, but they were quite modest in their statement. We would be happy to say that the unit is in fact much more accurate with a strong GPS signal

Overall, the DJI Inspire 1 Pro Drone is an incredible piece of professional equipment. We say professional equipment because that is exactly the type of environment this unit was designed to be used within. At $4,500 for the Inspire 1 Pro system with the Zenmuse attachment, this probably won’t be a cute drone for occasional outings. Cinematographers who can afford the price tag will be in store for a great treat worth every bit of money they paid. However, those looking for a good drone for hobby purposes should probably keep their eyes on the Phantom series.

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