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Tips wear drones to traveling

The most important thing about traveling with a drone,Documenting the various interesting places while traveling is certainly already a commonplace activity. Moreover, various kinds of gadget is now available at an affordable price. But as the development time of many circles regarded the use of cameras, smartphones and digital cameras while traveling will produce images that-that's all, and tend to be boring.

The presence of the drone technology, which allows image capture from a narrow and difficult to reach, then bring a fresh breeze will travel photo novelty. Photos and videos generated drone has its own beauty, which side is not obtained when a person taking a picture with the camera mainstream.

How to Travel with Your Drone,for bloggers Traveler who has explored many interesting places
DJI series Phantom drones are already used to produce images and video travel, because the quality is already qualified.

"Now there is indeed cheap drones that cost under $500, but that their nature create a series of cries. Not suited drone travel, because of strong wind, not taxable.

We divide the tips flying drones for novices, "the first thing to note when flying a drone is a GPS lock, so that when the drones
lost direction, could return again to the place of origin. In addition use sensor camera X-More, because it's been the equivalent of a DSLR photo quality or mirrorless. "

Another thing that is often overlooked is the drone users safety procedures. Safetyprocedures, among otherscheck the battery, including battery remote. Rememberthese trivial things can be fatal, because suddenly the battery depleted, drones can be out of control.
For Barry, the misguided user drone travel is extended picture taking. "Drone is open for photos or video mapping, role of more drones to take pictures at the angel that is difficult, such as in between tall buildings or cliffs.

During his experience using drones for travel, its use is often positioned the dronesare not too high and parallel to the object that is taken, for examplewhen the capture of tall buildings, cliffs, and the Lake. In addition, intelligently choose angel which is considered difficult to reach will generate spectacular images, which will certainly make astonished people who watched him.

One other thing to note for users drone travel, never take pictures at the bottom of craters, the crater has a given magnetic field that could lead to drone out of control and lost its way. "I never take pictures of the crater white, Ciwidey, Bandungfitting in the middle of it, the drones out of control. Ever time in the Valley also Harau, West Sumatrathe wind hit my drones kenceng, lost its way and totally out of control, luckily that time means no damage
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