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Video Recording Easier With Drone Camera Own Assembly

Rapid technological developments in this modern age gives a positive influence in many areas this will certainly facilitate the work of any person in the exercise of its activities. This course can also be seen from the presence of the emergence of the drone camera lovers who have supported photo or video. Of course with the emergence of the drone camera it results from fotopun will also look more quality. With the advantages provided by this type of cameras, then the current type of this product can be found easily at some stores selling electronic drone cameras in various cities.

At first, the appearance of camera drones cheap started from the development of the habit of people of the world a very loves the swafoto activity. By referring to this, and the abandonment of camera phones because it is practically very less sophisticated, now the emergence of the drone carried a fresh breeze for lovers of selfieor video maker. Even more remarkably, again, the presence of a drone camera alsoprovides its own benefits for entrepreneurs who are mostly photography services will be required to cover an event. Use the best camera drones will give satisfactory results and facilitate the activities of recording events from any direction without having to move the circling somewhere.

In its production, the drones have some parts that are very helpful in taking a picture or video. At one of the best features of a drone camera frame or chassis that willunderpin the performance of drones to fly. This type of frame is made from a variety of materials as well as wood to aluminum. In addition, the drones also have flightcontrol board which is the brain of the drone. Other parts of the drone that is motor and ESC on duty for drones and propeller drive system that will make the cameradrones can fly well.

To source energy from the drone is usually in the form of battery battery lithium polymer with size 3, 7v 8v, to 16. As for controlling the performance of remote controller used drones designed with 4 to 9 channel.


Now who does not know with drones, a lot of people who are interested in either one of these devices just for hobby or pemuas in a special mission to finish the job.When you've known drone, inevitably you must also get to know some of the drones proved accessories can make the operation of these devices became easier.

Several other drones accessories not only for supporting equipment, but there is also the shape of a spare part. This kind of stuff is very important to bring with You when operating the drones, so if there is a problem that occurs on a drone, we couldeasily to replace it and the drones can fly back with to get the job done. Want to know what are the accessories drones or spare part you should have when playing a drone? Here are a few spare parts and accessories the drones often have problems.


Frame & Dreadlocks. If you decide to create a drone/multirotor himself, the first step is to select the Frame. The frame is the frame or skeleton of a multirotor. There are many types of frames and configurations are used to assemble the drone. There are different types of quadcopter, hexacopter, tricopter, Y6, octocopter and Arc octocopter. To own most of the frame materials made of plastic, aluminum, carbon fiber, G10 (variant of fiberglass) and foam.

Battery Charger &. Drone is an electronic device that can do its job if there is a cross that energy comes from the battery. It is possible that you have a drone with a big enough battery capacity, but it is not impossible one day You forget to charge the battery so that the drone could not fly. Therefore it's good you have devices supporting this one.

Motor Brushless. In the world of RC, good car, aircraft or drones in the specificationof each unit is sure to use the motor as a driving wheel and or propeller on adrone. so far there are 2 types of motors used on RC devices namely, brushless motors and motors brushed.

Propellers. He's a very vital spare part in the drone, in the absence of proepellers of course won't drone can fly. No, never mind the broken one just might be disturbing drone to fly it perfectly. Therefore, you have to have a successor for so that if a problem occurs we can easily replace it.

ESC & UBEC. ESC stands for Electronic Speed Controller. This is an electronic controller which controls the motor speed, direction and may be braking the motor. The term is usually used in the world of radio control (RC), but can also arise when discussing a Brushless DC (BLDC) motor controller.

Flight Controller (FC) is a collection of various components and sensors which serveto keep the drones or multirotor stay balanced and can be controlled. There are many flight the drone controller on sale over the counter e.g. KK2, CC3D, Naze32, Naza, APM 2.6, Sparky, Brain FPV, Quanton, Flip32, Multiwii Boards, Revo OpenPilot (revolution), DoDo Speaks RMRC Tornado F3, F3, Seriously Pro Racing F3 (aka SPRacing). Transmitter & Receiver.

Transmitter or the Remote Control is a component that is held by a pilot on the ground to control the aircraft by sending signals to the receiver. In General, the transmitter works using radio waves. Receiver is a signal from the catcher signals that we give from a remote (Transmitter) on land so it can be controlled according to the wishes of us without cable. Recheiver in aeromodelling planes function control servo and ESC electronically to execute their functions.

FVP (First Person View), namely a system of changing the perspective pilot/driver (the term remote control on the RC) became seolah2 like driving a wahananya own.There are 2 systems required reply tool; 1. equipment on a vehicle (Airborne equipment/on RC aero) form of the camera

both cameras poket/cctv/slr/go pro yg yg transmitter working on the connected transmit signals to the receiver in the wirelesstransmitter; 2. Equipment on controller (Ground Station/on RC aero) is a transmitter the receiver receives the signal, yg working process and continues in the form of the image on the screen (laptop/tv/video goggles)

Distance-distance drones. In addition to a few spare parts and accessories that have been mentioned, nor is it wrong if You bring those legs or commonly referred toas a landing page. This is very important, so that at the time of landing page so that you can avoid damaged at a time when drones landing does not damage any other devices that are easily damaged against jolts.

Strap etc. This is one of the supporters in order to make the operation of the droneaccessories drone becomes easier. devices supporting this one will be more beneficial to pilot drones who work alone. With a strap that paired in this agency makes remote control easier for handling big jobs and control the drones, the remote because it is definitely will always close to us

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