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2 aircraft without crew (Drones) are the world's Deadliest

2 aircraft without crew (drone) most deadly in this world belongs to the military circle of States and Israel's military. This crew on the aircraft without special design to attack enemy bases which became target

Anpa aircraft crew has now become one of the signature There must be owned by a country's Military. With its low operating costs and is controlled remotely by the aircraft Control system be intelligent solutions for the military.

Pesawattanpa delain crew can be used as reconnaissance is also capable as a vandal/destroyer and murderer of the enemy unexpectedly. That is why this now several countries compete to make a sophisticated and deadly drones.

Actually apasih Drones on it?

Drones are aircraft without the crew being made specifically for certain tasks. Aircraft without crew or plane nirawak (english = Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or UAV), is a glyph that functions with the remote control by pilots or able to control herself, using the laws of aerodynamics to lift himself, can be reused and are able to carry either weapons or other payload. The largest use of aircraft without the crew this is in the military. Although the missiles have in common but still be considered different from the aircraft without the crew because of the missile cannot be reused and the missile is a weapon itself.

The aircraft without the crew having shape, size, configuration and the varied characters. The history of the aircraft without crew is a target Drone, the aircraft without the crew being used as target shoot. Development of the automatic control makes a simple shoot target aircraft is able to transform into the aircraft without the crew's complex and complicated.

Control the aircraft without the crew there are two main variations, the first variation that is controlled via the remote control and the second is a variation of the aircraft to fly independently based on the program being entered into the aircraft before the flight.

Currently, the aircraft without the crew being able to conduct reconnaissance missions and assault. Although many reports say that many attack aircraft without the crew successfully but the aircraft without the crew having a reputation for excessive attacking or attacking the wrong target. Source: 
There are at least two of the deadliest drone aircraft in the world today, namely Predator or REAPER Aircraft and HERON.


Predator is a United States-made. The aircraft was now renamed REAPER MQ-9 code. Artificial technology company General Atomics United States.

Combat aircraft without crew is used as a striker. According to Graham from the Bureu of Investigation Journalism based in the United Kingdom. That had been investigating since 2004 – 2013 combat aircraft without the crew of "Reaper" it has killed more than 7. 828 people. Most of the victims were members of the Al-Qaedah. According to Graham, but there are also civilians affected by the attack and become victims of this plane. About 300 – 500 civilians have become victims of the wrong target by aircraft belonging to the United States this Reaper.

Specification of the Reaper MQ-9
Speed: 428 km/h
Flying duration: 14 hours
Flying height: 15 km
Cruising distance: 1800 km With satellite control.
The weapons used are: 4-missile AGM 114 Hellfire which could destroy a car/truck. A BOMB and two GBU-12 Paveway could destroy buildings the concrete wall.


The plane is a military-owned Heron Drones Israel. There is nothing a HERON EITAN who also killed many people. Pesaat without this crew has killed around 2,000 people. But most of their victims are Civilians Gaza include women and children. Drone is actively used by Israel since 2008 – 2014 during operation Cast Lead. The number of casualties are generally HERON aircraft outside the home

Heron Drone aircraft specifications Eitan
Speed: 370 km/h
Flying duration: 3 days 3 nights nonstop once the content of the fuel (70Jam)
Flying altitude: 10 km
Cruising distance: 7,400 km with satellite control
Controlled by two soldiers from a distance via Ground Control System.
Weapons Missiles: 6
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