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Buying Guide Drone Race

Many types of drones for beginners, we recommend to use the drones with H107D X 4 Huban brand. These include drone type of racing that are not too expensive with a price of around $900. Drone is equipped with a camera and a remote control transmitter is also equipped with a 4.3 inch LCD can deliver direct video with HD quality. Drone it had all the things you need to learn about the Drone Race through video FPV.

Only after you really master the Huban H107D X 4, you are really ready to start assembling and modifying other Racing Drones such as the Vortex of Pro 250
People like the Drone Race because it is so much fun.

See how well Drone Race!
The first thing you have to decide when buying Racing Drones is whether you will use it to participate in a League or just be participating in community activity.
A League racing drones will determine the type of controller used, drones, and the used FPV.
Nowadays, many Racing League drone appears in various parts of the world.
Each League has different rules that will determine the type of gear used (standard or custom), arena racing, you met each other and the rules for overtaking, dl.

The following are some League drone that we know:
Aerial: Grand Prix racing league is a drone using the goalpost and flags that are specific to drones type 250Mini Super Mini, Pro, and Open Class. The League was usually held in three countries with big trak inside and out of the room.

Aerial Action Sports League: is a performing Buffalo drone with a duration of 3 hours. The League was initiated by the Game of Drones.
Game of Drones: drones, is an International League which uses drone Hiro type and equipment for sale on his website.

Flight Club: is a performing Buffalo local drones made by the Game of Drones
Tv: is a network that bring together the pilot Drones Racing in a team

MultiGP: is a special type of racing drone 
using the FPV. This event was started in the year 2015 and is now venturing across America.

OpenPilot: is an autopilot system that is widely used by drones
com: is a car racing event that is in Canada.

The Mini Quad Club: is a facebook group where you can meet and discuss between sesame drone racers from different countries.
Always make sure the specification of minimum and maximum on the drone-mu that corresponds with the League that will follow. The majority of the League now assign atuan long drone 250 mm/5 inch mini drones.

The majority of the Drone Race done indoors where the weather is not a problem. It is also used to ensure that there are no drones who profit due to weather conditions. The basic idea of a Drone Race is mempertarungkan the ability of the pilot in control the drones.
Whereas if the community you can specify the location of the race you want. Many communities that do the racing drones inside or outdoors.
There are several types of racing drones include:
Rotorcross: where two or more drivers drone competed at the same time to cross the finish line.
Drag Race is a race between two or more drivers to mellihat where the fastest drones do accelerated at a certain distance (for example 100 meters).
Time-Trial: each drone was flying alone to get the most play time fast.

Whatever it takes in the Racing Drones FPV?

A FPV Drone Race either whether it is you own raft or drone race ready to fly (RTF) generally have the same components, such as:
Order Drone
4 the machine + backup
4 backup + many ESCs
4 blades + spare that much
A Remote Control
Lithium-Polymer (LiPo) + backup
FPV Video transmitter (vTx) and the receiver signal (vRx)
Remote control signal transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx) signal
Fastener Battery
FPV Goggles
A camera mounted on the drones
HD camera to record (optional, because it will add to the load of the drones)
Drones ready to fly (RTF) like Hubsan X 4 or Type A Storm already equipped with all you need, integrated, and free of bugs. You only need buy a propeller and battery for backup.
If you choose to assemble thy own drone, then make sure you get all the things that are in the list above along with sufficient number of reserves.
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