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MI Drone From Xiomi

 MI Xiomi Drone

Xiaomi introduce Mi Drones to the public on 25 may 2016. And here's the drone sightings
MI Drones are included in category quadcopter, meaning this drone has 4 motor and propeller.

Xiaomi Mi Drones also uses a modular system. This means that users can disconnect one by one camera like drones, part of dinamo, engine, battery, and other parts. So, if there are any damages would be easier to fix.
Speaking of his physical form, this if the drone note is more akin to the letter h. Xiaomi ever claimed that the drone is made with materials that are strong and lightweight. So, being able to make flying Drones Mi Xiaomi easily.

Just like artificial drone DJI, Xiaomi Mi Drone also has a pair of legs that are used as permanent buffer drones to stand on the ground. This leg also aims to protect the cameras on the drones it so as not to collide with the ground
So far observations from various sources, Xiaomi Mi Drones seem to already have professional quality like air-modern camera drones. Braga Xiaomi Mi Drones have been provided with a Gyro System that aims so that drones can fly in a stable.
 MI Drone

Xiaomi Mi Drones have also been equipped with a GPS System that is useful to know the position of the drone when operated in the air
Xiaomi Mi Oya, Drones seem to already be equipped with accessories of the blade protector. What is the blade protector? This is an optional accessories are mounted on each side, right in the bottom of the propeller. So when the drone hit the wall, then the drones would not immediately fall.

For the first clash is the blade protector. So, you can directly perform movements avoid object collision.

Provided with a battery powered 17.4 Volts capacity is large enough, i.e. 5100mAh make Xiaomi Mi Drone capable of flying for 27 minutes in the air.
Calm, just like the other drones, when flying the drones is also an indicator in the form of an alarm if the battery is weakening in the State.
So, pilots can anticipate to immediately stop the drone flights.
In fact, with its GPS functionality you can enable the feature returns home when the battery is in a critical state. So, the drone will automatically go back to the first place where he had flown.

Remote Control
For remote controll Xiaomi Mi Drones, have been using the 2.4 GHz frequency with a very minimalist design. Just look through the picture, it's a display of the remote Control Drones it Mi Xiami is very simple. With this, the remote controll Xiaomi Xiaomi Mi claimed that the Drone can be flown up to a radius of 3 KM.

According to some sources, through the remote controll it you can also enable some innate features of Xiaomi Mi Drone.

For example, such as Automatic Take Off/Landing, Waypoint Flight Path Planning to Fly On, Tap the folder, and Circle an Object On The Ground. Apart from these features, you can also connect Your smartphone device into drones in order to enable the feature First Person View (FPV) to take a picture or video from a camera that had been installed on Xiaomi Mi Drone.

Dreadlocks & Camera
Then, how is the quality of the pictures and videos from the camera default Xiaomi Mi Drone?

Interestingly, the parties give two options to Xiaomi quality camera at Xiaomi Mi Drone. That is, the camera quality of the 1080 p and 4 k quality camera. Of course, by the quality of the two cameras of Xiaomi Mi Drone is also different in terms of price.
According to some reviews I read, for the dreadlocks on Xiaomi Mi Drone also has 3 axis dreadlocks with quite good quality. It is said, is capable of absorbing the dreadlocks 2000 vibrations per second. So, the result of an image or video from the drones is evaluated was satisfactory.
Price Xiomi Drone
At first glance, the look of Xiaomi Mi Drone is indeed similar to the drone of artificial DJI. It's just, this is more like a form of drone-like form of the letter h. While cameras and dreadlocks on the Mi this is more like a bentukkan Drone Yuneec.

After the previous one is still wrapped with Cuddles Mandarin, eventually the price of Noodles this Drone was announced as well some time ago. There is a price on 2499 Yuan

Affordable once? But it should be remembered if Xiaomi knows no reseller, so the price is already retail prices (aka entered Indonesia is definitely more expensive).

Then, How Do You Feel?
See pricing conducted this Drone, Mi Xiaomi well-deserved anticipated. But features may still not there is a "very special" compared to the Standard Phantom DJI price is also already quite affordable
some points that should be considered. First, this time producing new Xiaomi drones, so the quality was still unquestionable. Just look at the brand, DJI has many years of concern in the field of drones alone up to now there are still errors. Moreover, the new Xiaomi first released a drone?

Second, process warranty from Xiaomi Mi Drone is still questionable. Up to now, Xiaomi products (including drone) still do not have an official service centre. So, what if in the unlikely event there is damage?

Third, the existence of some local Chinese media said that the Drones failed when performed live trials. So many comments obliquely related to the product of the drone Xiaomi.

But it all goes back to how You assess Xiaomi Mi Drone. Again, this is just a matter of opinion. So, you are free to evaluate it

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