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Best Drone Review Blog

Best Drone Review Blog

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Review YUNEEC TYPHOON Best Drone

Yuneec has been making fantastic aerial picture taking drones since prior to the expression "drone" was area of the popular vernacular, and the business's Typhoon range has constantly been among the finest available. But exactly like almost every other drone supplier in the overall game, Yuneec in addition has been moving into the darkness of DJI for recent years. Regardless of how advanced or in a position Yuneec's Typhoon drones have received, the business just can't seem to be to unseat DJI from its throne.

But with the Typhoon H, Yuneec is certainly going direct for DJI's jugular. This six-rotor beast costs $100 significantly less than the Phantom 4, but has yet great features -- and also a few extra. But did it really endure titans like the P4 and the 3DR Single? We had taken it for a spin to learn.


The features and specifications upon this drone are nut products, in like manner make it easier you, we'll focus on what places this drone in addition to the remaining pack.

The very first thing you'll notice would be that the Typhoon H is a hexacopter. It offers six rotors rather than the most common four -- and it only needs five to take a flight. This redundancy means that if you lose one rotor for reasons uknown, the drone can recognize the challenge and safely journey back to the house position for auto repairs.

Second, unlike the P4's camera, which can only just pan along, the Typhoon H camera is attached to a 3-axis gimbal that can rotating in 360 levels. The landing equipment is also made to retract at the turn of a turn such that it doesn't block the way of your pictures.

In addition, the H is also equipped with built-in obstacle avoidance technical. Now in every fairness, the Phantom 4 has this feature, too -- but as the Phantom's sense and steer clear of tech is aesthetic, the Typhoon H uses sonar, meaning it can still avoid road blocks in low light and complete darkness. It's worthwhile noting, however, that the sense and steer clear of system is attached to the nostril of the drone, and can therefore only find obstructions if it approaches them facing frontward. Still, it's much better than nothing.

Another standout feature is the Typhoon's full collection of autonomous air travel modes. Similar to the 3DR Single and Phantom 4, the Typhoon H offers features like Cable tv Cam, Orbit, Follow setting, and a good few others -- which allow the customer to relinquish control of the drone's airline flight and focus only on managing the camera.

And previous but not at all least, Yuneec's Typhoon H includes its dedicated controller -- The ST16 earth station. Which means you don't have to own a tablet or a smartphone to be able to work with the drone to its fullest -- something that can not be said of the Phantom 4 and 3DR Single.

This controller is a beast. Furthermore to knobs and keys for almost everything under sunlight, the controller also offers an integral 7-in . touchscreen for displaying telemetry data, streaming live video from the drone's onboard camera, and accessing additional features and flight modes.

And it gets better. The ST16 isn't really the only controller that the Typhoon H can hook up to. It is possible to web page link the drone up to two different controllers at the same time, then use someone to control the drone and another to regulate the onboard 4K camera. Filmmakers should take notice -- you can't understand this kind of dual pilot features in virtually any other off-the-shelf drone right now.


Overall, this is pretty sturdy drone, but it’s definitely not the sturdiest we’ve ever seen. In all honesty, it feels a bit flimsy compared to the P4 and the 3DR Solo. We didn’t crash it very hard during our testing, but after a few twists and flexes, we’re not entirely convinced that the Typhoon H could take a hard tumble and live to fly another day.

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