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Best Drone Review Blog

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Tips For Beginners Before Buying Drones

What are the things to look for before buying a drone? let alone still belong to beginners.
In fact there are several factors you should consider to buy the drones mainly is specifications. Currently the more options the drone of his quality is nice, but determine the quality of a good drone is not something easy.
Well for that, we will tell you some tips so that you can get the drones that fit for you.

1. Features they possess drones
Now it's been a lot of drone head nice features. one of the features that are currently booming auto IE take-off and auto landing. If you still terggolong beginners, we recommend you buy a drone that has these features. So when you haven't really could do a take-off and landing for yourself, you can still fly.

2. check the range or distance drones
The distance between the drone with remote, depending on the specifications of the transmission and Receiver. Anyone has a range of only 300 m away, there is also which has a range of even a 1. If you are still a beginner or still learning to fly drones should buy drones which have a range of not too much. You can also buy drones already in complete with GPS that features an auto pilot, so the drones will fly back to the starting point if the drone lowbat.

3. adjust the quality of the camera 

The quality of the camera it sanggat important, as it affects the image quality that you'll get. You can choose the quality of the camera to match the capabilities of drones. If you are already proficient in photography you can choose a good camera quality. Many of the drones have camera's range of quality, quality of VGA, 2MP HD up to 12MP.

4. check the weights and specifications battery

When purchasing the drones you also need to look at the battery specifications and weights drone. Because of the weight of the batteries and drones flying time influencing the drone. The drone has a capacity of a rechargeable battery a bit but can fly long enough aitu 15-30 minutes, means the drone battery durable idu or nice. Be great if buying drones which have a battery backup, so that you can fly a drone when the battery runs out. Because the battery charge very long drone which is around 2-3 hours just to fly for 15 minutes. So should you buy a spare battery if you don't want to wait.

5. Select the appropriate price with drone bugdet
The last one is the price. If the problem is the price, in fact many drones are now at an affordable price. But if you want to have a nice sepsifikasinya that drones are certainly price can also be expensive. There's also the drones don't have a camera or an add-on so you also have to add his own camera unit. But now many drones which already comes bundled with the camera's built-in menggunakakan from the factory, it's cheaper than drone that his camera add-on.
So choose the right one that suits the drone, and also your own budget

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