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Drone Waterproof matches for Videography Waters

Speaking of drones then imagined is the ability to fly in the air while carrying a camera to capture the moment of passing angles that are difficult to reach. After that, the drone will return to the army after completing his task.

But important note to pilot drones, should not be flying the drone when rainy weather, let alone come into contact with water that could harm electric motors and electronic components inside.
Finally some group of people trying to answer this challenge. C-mi drone that could fly under the rain, Loon Copter can dive in the water, and we will discuss this time is Splash Drone.

Splash Drone designed unique so that he could make contact with the water directly. This quadcopter-shaped drone has a form which is relatively not so different from the model in General.
But what's interesting is its ability to take off or landing on the water. Drones also have some uniqueness, what are those?
Not a just a drone, but until his dreadlocks any waterproof
The reason why you need Splash Drone input in the presence of the dreadlocks is wishlist is also water resistant such as dronenya.
This 2-axis dreadlocks can work normally. Splash party Drone has developed the dreadlocks that can still work though in the water.

The results of the testing done, this can work both dreadlocks in saltwater or freshwater. Thus you can get a stable picture even in the water.
The payload system release for release of goods brought Splash Drone
On the other hand, the range of distance up to 1 kilometre it feels not enough if only to take video or pictures. Send a bottle to a friend is also quite interesting.
Splash Drone instill mechanisms payload release that may be useful in certain situations.
There is no problem, no transmitter can use Android to operate

Much like Ghost Drone, apparently the Splash Drones also provides the freedom to select the control. Could with conventional transmitter or with the Android smartphone.
Only with Android, there are a number of advanced features such as autonomous fly, follow me mode, waypoint, and mission planning.
With GPS, you can utilize the features of the return to home to return drones to the position of early flight.

Seen from a number of features to offer, it is clear that Splash Drones intended for videography in territorial waters without fear of drone crashed into it.
The current Splash Drone has been owned and you can read some reviews that discuss product drones on this one. The price of its own pegged start from IDR 10 millions. Interested in?
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