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Best Drone Review Blog

Best Drone Review Blog

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How to choose the best Drones for beginners

Drones are now more trend, let alone the consumer-grade. With a hefty price tag is affordable and ready-made products (the term Ready-To-Fly/RTF, so we dont have to own a raft again), we've been able to learn to fly a drone and take photos or video from the air (aerial photography/videography). With the number of drones that are on the market, how do we choose the right drones at a time when we are still just want to learn to fly a drone?


Airframe is the body from drone. At the moment we are just learning to fly a drone, want to buy a drone as powerful as anything, it is definitely going to be a collision/crash. Just look at the news about friends who buy expensive but a goodly drone nabrak building. Therefore, at the moment we are just learning to fly drones, we need to choose which airframe drones which have a light but tough. If weight is difficult flight suit. And if it's not tough, the airframe could be torn/ruptured at the time of the collision or crash/fall.


Because we have been sure a collision/crash time just learning, we must mastiin the safety of propeller at the time of the collision/crash. Right fit again flying, spinning propeller with very high speed. If the propeller is not protected, then the time of the collision/crash, the propeller can break because it hit the goods/building/plant/soil at high speed round. If the propeller is broken at a time when drones in the air again, so sure that drones will fall because of the loss of lift (Elevator). So choose drones which have a protective propeller. If possible, the protector of the propeller should be strong but flexible. Strong to protect the propeller. Flexible protective order that propellernya itself is not damaged when the collision.

It would be great if his drones already include backup free propeller in the box, so that if the propeller broke, friends can easily replace the propeller and fly again:)

Photo/video camera
One of the fun had a drone is we can take photos or video from the air (aerial photography/videography). We recommend that you select the drone beginners included camera. So no need to get out more money to buy camera separately. The existence of this camera, friends can practice aerial photo/video basics first before buy drones for professional photography/videography. But to be able to take aerial photos/videos that are interesting, the friends have a lot to practice flight basics (basic flight) drone first. After the manoeuvre could do sophisticated new aerial photo/video can attract

Flight control system
Flight control system the point is to help the stability of the drone when flying. At least choose drones equipped with flight control system-based 6-axis gyroscope (actually 3 axis gyro + 3 axis compass). Thus, at least in the ideal conditions as there is no wind, then the drones can hover (fly away) stable without the need for a lot of input from friends

For consumer-grade drones, usually the battery is not up to half an hour. It would be nice if the drones that friends buy already includes second battery free, so friends can fly longer:)

Headless mode & automatic return home
Imagine at a time when we are facing towards the drones while head of the drones are facing to the right side. Then each time we press "forward" on a remote control, dronenya is not a forward, instead of the road to the right. Create advanced already, it's not a problem. But make the novice, this can be very confusing. If dronenya had a headless mode, then in the direction of any head of drone overlooking, as we press forward, drones going forward. Very helpful to create a beginner.
Automatic return home will make the drones fly automatically back to the place of take-off, so we don't need to do it manually.

To help us choose the drone, there are some reviews already done lover of drones. For example a review of Tom's Hardware and Business Insider. In this review, drone/exercise best for beginners is the UDI U818A who had also been mentioned in the article the compass. U818A this is already starting to be available in Indonesia.

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