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Xiro Smart Flight Battery has a compact design that is able to protect the battery from collision or anything that does not want as it does crash. Not only that, wear and charging far more secure, thanks to features over charging and discharging protection over that provided in it.
Xiro Xplorer V review
Xiro Xplorer V Review & Rating
Xiro Drone Xplorer V Review: Possibly the best all-round drone
Xiro Xplorer Drone: Specs, Features, Reviews, Prices, Competitors

Xiro Features Smart Flight Battery

High Performance 5200 mAh Li-Po Battery (flight time up to 20 minutes)
The compact design (effectively protects the battery from the clash and a variety of accident)
Comes with battery indicator (simply press a button to display)
Provided features over charging and discharging protection over
RoHS compliant materials (safe and eco-friendly)
Type 3S LiPo
Voltage 11.1 V
Standard charging time 1.5 h
Rapid charging time 1 h
Detail Specification For XIRO Xplorer V

XIRO Xplorer V Quadcopter Drone

Drone XIRO Xplorer V has a futuristic design (such as suriken) with the latest technology i.e. ' Modular Solutions ' that allows to remove any part of the drones (aircraft, smart battery, dreadlocks & camera) for easy set-up and repair. Do charge the battery, plug the propeller, to synchronise the remote controller and the drone was ready to fly. Flying time can be up to 25 minutes, GPS positioning and capable of recording full HD video (1080px/30 fps).
Still about the design, foot footing for landing or ' landing gear ' on the drone Xiro Xplorer V this could be revamped in order to adjust/dreadlocks camera does not bump into the ground, plus the bottom landing gear fitted silicone rubber caps to reduce vibration when landing.
Smart Control, Excellent Grip
Remote controller that is compact and intuitive handling is equipped with silicon grip. Give feedback signal with the vibrating remote control makes Xiro is very comfortable to use.

3 Flight Mode level
2 scroll wheels to steer the camera angle, and turn the brightness/brightness level
Continuous feedback to ensure the flight safety, for flying the drones You don't worry about your flight status on drones because there is always the indicator update 4led gives the status of the drone. On the remote there are also 3 easy acces buttons ' for auto takeoff/landing, return home, and Intelligent orientation control (set control mode).
Easy Adjustment Mobile Device Holder, was able to hold the device up to 5.5 inch.
Flight Control
Drone Xiro Xplorer V is capable of flying for 25menit with a speed of 8 m/s and a maximum height of 120 meters, full HD video recording 1080P30 (1080/30 fps), and the maximum distance is 500 meters far most
Distinctive shape increases stability in water, Xiro Xplorer V is already embedded systems ' smart flight control ' which will give comfort when flying drones, without worrying if there is a blowing wind, the drone will automatically download the stable position of the fly.

GPS assisted hovering, accurate and reassuring, fly Xiro so very easy with technology ' smart flight assistance ' and ' auto-hover function ', with just one click/press the button auto takeoff/landing on the remote, the drone will automatically take off and hover altitude with accuracy/horizontal approx 1.5 metres (GPS Mode) and 0.5 meter accuracy vertical hover (GPS Mode).

Build-in mini computer, innovative and safer, in the central part there is a drone X-shaped module that is embedded sensors and IMU Chip that functions effectively to reduce vibration during the drone fly.

Longer lifespan, improved quality, with smart-flight battery 5200mAh (lithium polymer) are able to fly for 25 minutes. When the low-battery, the remote controller will vibrate as a sign/notice that the battery will run out and immediately return drones.

Dreadlocks & Camera
Dreadlocks Technology, advanced 3-axis stabilized, dreadlocks Xiro Xplorer V is capable of eliminating the vibration that occurs due to wind or maneuvering of the drone itself.

Remote adjustment of the camera settings, camera and dreadlocks design into one device, capable of recording 1080/30 fps with a resolution of full HD and 14MP or photography.

Surprisingly Great Night Views, with Panasonic sensor CMOS were able to take pictures though in a State of low-light or minimal light.

The Ultimate Experience
Get the ease of controlling drones Xiro Xplorer V, there are three smart control modes that you can take advantage of to suit your needs.

360 ° Circle Around Me
To take pictures 360 ° does not have to be done manually. Simply select the object or person who wants to diputari by drones, miraculously/automated drones would paddle out to the object/person.
Intelligent Snap Follow/Follow Me
Just click/tap to lock, select the object that wants to drones follow on screen by drawing a square on the screen the application and FollowSnap features of pursuing and will follow the object.
Fly Up to 16 Preset WayPoints
with Waypoint features, you can specify the route that will be bypassed by the drone Xiro Xplorer V.

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