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Best Drone Review Blog

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Cheap Drones Affordable Camera For Your photography hobby

Have a hobby of photography? Or are you a photographer that wants to capture the moment, from the unique point of view? Or do you have business photo prewed petty? Make the drones as one of your investment in this year
The better the quality and the price is becoming increasingly competitive, Your business should already photography consider drones as one gear is a mainstay in the photographing or recording video.
Here we present the 8 best drones already equipped cameras, which could be a consideration in Your investment


WLtoys Drones V686G FPV

One of the most affordable drones however of considerable quality. Wltoys drones are already equipped with the built in camera attached, sadly the quality of his camera still on average, because it only brings the 2 megapixel resolution.

For those who are looking for affordable but drone quite adequate, of course this can be used as drones of choice.

Some of the main specifications are:

Controller: 4 Channel 2, 4 GHz | Screen: FPV (First Person View) 5.8 GHz Transmision, can observe directly catches the camera drones | Flying ability: 8-10 minutes | 2Mp camera: 720 p | Battery: 3.7 volt, 780mAH | Distance control: 150 metres | Memory: SD Card

Dronesglobe sites wrote that this was satisfactory drone camera if given the affordable price, besides transmitting video from drones to the screen also goes without lag means.

One of the shortcomings of this camera drones may be the absence of the GPS system, however You still have the features of the Home, where the drones are going back to the original point of the flight with directional systems, meaning that drones will conduct maneuvers in the opposite direction with the flight first.

Current price of camera drones are in the range of us $150 

Syma RC Quadcopter X8G

.Seen a glimpse of the design of the drone is similar to the one of the famous brand in the industry drone, though it was marketed at a price reasonably affordable, Syma X8G it has some features that are quite powerful tool!

Some of the highlights this camera drones among other 5 megapixel camera which is quite reliable for use photographing or recording video, for its own video quality reach 1080 p.

SyMa X8G flight control system equipped with 6 axis that ensures stability while flying, come headless mode, you do not need to busy-busy making sure the positioning right front part of the drone or the back, and can focus on the direction of steering the drone only.

The following specification of Syma X8G this:

Controller: 4 Channel 2, 4 GHz | Flying ability: 7-8 minutes | Camera: 5Mp 1080 p | Battery: 7.4 volts, 4 AA 2000mAH for Remote control | Distance control: 100 meters | Memory: SD Card | Gyro: 6 Axis | Weight: 1600 gr

Current drone camera Syma RC Quadcopter X8G was sold at a price of  $ 170

Cheerson CX – 20

If consideration will be the GPS for security concern you, drones of this one could be a serious consideration.

Features Failsafe function base on GPS System, is able to make this drone back to the starting point of the launch when the main communication between the remotecontrol and the receiver is disconnected.
One of the disadvantages that might feel is her camera is not built in, meaning that you must purchase a separate camera to be paired on mount dreadlocks that are available. For those who already have the camera action sort of Go-Pro, you can pair it directly.

Here are the specs from Cheerson CX-20

Controller: 4 Channel 2, 4 GHz | Flying ability: 10-15 minutes | Camera: Optional | Batteries: 4 AA 2700 mAH for Remote control | Distance control: 300 metres | Features: MX Auto Pilot Control with GPS

Oh yeah, for those of you who want to use drones, don't pair it with a camera that uses the wi-fi feature, the kontrolernya will be interrupted due to the wi-fi signal so that the drones could not be controlled.

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