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Swarm: a new era of drones that are smaller and harmful

Automatic robot that can fly is small, cheap, and easily discarded. And in a large group, they can save your life, or even can be a most lethal weapon after a machine gun.
What do you think about the drones, or aircraft without the crew? Solitary toy planes come and controlled remote control? Or aircraft without a military-style crew?
Soon, an image that will soon change, drones are becoming increasingly smaller, cheaper made, can be floated anywhere as he pleases, and can be assembled in groups of hundreds and even thousands — to fly as a flock of birds.
They named the swarm (or flock)-collect with a sufficient amount, then they can go beyond human capabilities in a variety of sides. They can save your life or even become deadly collaborative strength in battle.

Why swarm important?
First of all, on the battlefield, they can defeat the weapons and military technology used in recent decades. Just think: in a city that is very dense, a small team of quadrotor could fly anywhere to pick up intelligence information.
Tank battalions could be controlled by the mini drone attacks are flying from different sides at the same time. At sea, thousands of small drones can strike warships, many of which might be shot down, but others can get away, damaging the ship's radar, and made helpless.
Plus, there is no leader or commander in a swarm drone; they are systems that could organize themselves where the other one and had the same position. This system allows them to comb the area efficiently, or flying together without colliding. Only one operator is needed to control the entire swarm.

Swarms of drones also formidable. One missile could drop a plane, but a group of swarm could lose a dozen members but still able to resume the mission. Air defense with a limited supply of the missiles could be overwhelmed by the large number of opponents.
But not only that, this mini drones would also be used in other situations, from rock concerts to agricultural areas.
So, will we soon see a swarm in everyday life?
Yes, and maybe even we already saw it.
Earlier this year, 300 mini drones organized into the flag of the United berkelip at night-in the Super Bowl Halftime performances featuring Lady Gaga.
And Intel are promoting their swarm called Shooting Star as an alternative to Fireworks. Chinese firm claims record eHang swarm's biggest new year celebration-with 1,000 drones that form a map of China and writing ' blessing. '
Swarm can also check the pipes, chimney, electrical connections and mill industries with cheap and easy.

Swarm can also be placed on the plantations or farms. They could have found the disease in crops and help manage the use of water, or spray pesticides and herbicides only in certain points that need. All the work in cooperative to fill area and fill in the blanks.
Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos from the Centre for Distributed Robotics at the University of Minnesota is working on solar-powered drone that could work together to surveying a swath of farmland with a cheap cost.Researchers at Loughborough University have built a system to help the SAR team in the mountain with the use of a group of small drones that add up to 10. Drone is equipped with thermal cameras can easily find missing climbers. And by communicating with each other, they could accurately combing the area in full.
The State where the military developed a swarm-and why?

More than one superpower that vied for the swarm technology.
For example, the U.S. recently launched 103 Perdix ' small ' drone of jet aircraft F/A-18. Weighing only a few hundred grams and launched from a launcher commonly used hole to remove the flare. Perdix produced with this 3D printer is a disposable drones intended to suppress air defense of the opposing side by acting as a decoy or pengecoh or by finding the position of the radar so that it could be destroyed.
The U.S. Navy also wanted to develop swarm with cheaper cost compared to missiles. They developed software that enables the swarm splits two in special missions, or the new drones could join the swarm swarm seamlessly.

The other player is China, which excels in small-sized consumer drone technology. Chinese companies DJI alone has scooped up 70% of the global market and the Chinese military now see the potential of this new technology
The aerospace exhibition in December, State-owned enterprise China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) showcased a video that showed 70 drone flying together. The drone was flying in formation and collaborate in mission intelligence groups. They fly in an attack simultaneously from different sides-too many to be stopped by the target.
Perhaps the most ambitious plan is a us Navy project a series of drones that can be used on land, sea, and air. They may be the first sent to the coast before the humans, to comb, looking for enemy positions, and perhaps attacked him. Swarm can also give the defense against a swarm of opponents. To explore this project, the Corps made a war game swarm versus swarm. (Already there are drones designed to capture drone.)
This mini drones could be spies, Scouts, or intel imformasi collection as well. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa), the Pentagon agency belonging to the forefront of science has a vision to equip the soldiers with their own proprietary swarm to reconnaissance mainly in urban areas and in the building.
"Two hundred fifty must master six blocks in the city," said Stephen Crampton from Swarm Systems. This could potentially swarm "organize themselves in sub-swarms to post useful information, for example, tell about the threat in our position."
So, how does the future of the swarm?

Swarm technology is still in its early stages, but it is growing fast.
In theory, the swarm can beat any weapons that exist now and can be precision weapons causing destruction on a large scale. Its impact could rival the development machine gun: anyone without a swarm will have a disastrous defeat on the battlefield. The war may be remembered about who owns the drone swarms and most excellent.
But the battlefield is not the only place where we can find the swarm. Even later they can also co-exist with us.
In the long run, if researchers at the Wyss Institute at Harvard is true, then a flock of small drones can be a part of our environment will look not insects. The project RoboBee is developing a smaller mini drone than a paper clip and weighs one tenth gram only. Thousands of RoboBee can be used for weather observation, reconnaissance-or even pollination while dwindling bee population.
Plug your eyes for the invasion of the little robots everywhere. Furthermore, they demanded by everyone, from farmers to Lady Gaga.
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You can read this article in the language of the United Kingdom, The next era of drones will be defined by ' swarms ' or other articles in the BBC'S Future.
"Their role could include early detection of nitrogen deficiency, plant disease, and management of water resources," said Papanikolopoulos.
What else?
Although the drones have been used in the rescue operation over the years, the use of swarms of smaller drones could have saved more souls,
Micro Air Vehicle laboratory at the University of Delft, Netherlands, are developing a pocket drone named ' swarm ', each of which are small to quite within your grasp. They can fly indoors, in a very damaged buildings so that rescue teams could enter. They can spread out to search for survivors after an earthquake or other disaster.

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