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Best Drone Review Blog

Best Drone Review Blog

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DJI Spark Best drone Review

If you thought about having a drone as a kid, you probably imagined something like the DJI Spark.
It’s a micro-sized camera drone, loaded with features and specs that make flying a drone easy and approachable. The Spark is beyond small. It fits in the palm of your hand, and with the new palm-launch feature, you can go from powered-off to flying in less than 30 seconds.

When using the Optional controller, the Spark has a top speed of 31MPH, a range of over 1 mile, and enough flight time to get you there and back (12 to 16 minutes, tested by us). But what if you don’t care about any of that?

What if you just want it to fly a few feet from you and take a photo or two? This is where gesture control comes in. With Gesture control (only available on the DJI Spark), you can launch the drone, fly it around, and take pictures using only hand gestures.

It’s like using the force! The Spark can do all of this because it uses computer vision processors and machine learning algorithms to recognize your face and hands. In other words, it’s the smartest drone you can buy right now.

Pictures are great, but the Spark is more than just s selfie drone.
It shoots 1080p video and stabilizes it using a mechanical gimbal. This makes the Spark much better at shooting video than drones that only rely on digital stabilization. You can get exactly the kind of shot you’re looking for by connecting the Spark to your phone via Wi-Fi and using the virtual joysticks, but there’s an easier way of shooting that can make even a beginner look like a pro.

Quick Shot, DJI’s newest set of smart shooting features are a great way of helping you get cinematic shots without needing hours and hours of practice and patience.

One of my favorite features of the Spark is the new ShallowFocus photo mode. This mode allows you to get those professional DSLR-like shots where the main subject is in focus, and everything else is blurred out. It’s like the portrait feature of the iPhone, but it works on almost every kind of shot (not just faces).
 DJI Spark Drone Review

There’s so much stuff packed into this tiny little drone that you could write a book about it. There’s no way to go through all of the features here, but that’s why we’ve created a Spark section, where you can get a better idea of what the Spark is, how it works, and decide if the Spark is right for you.

The DJI Spark made it this high on our list for two reasons. The main reason is… it’s a great little camera drone with enough features and capabilities to keep you learning and growing as a new drone owner. The other reason is the price point. At $499, this is the best drone you can get, in a price range accessible to everyone!
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