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Best Drone Review Blog

Best Drone Review Blog

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Walkera VITUS 320 Drone Review-Best Guide before Buying Drone

Best Drone Review,Walkera new producers eventually wake from sleep length. Where there has been no new novel from manufacturers who have long experienced in the world of drones. And finally, the recently released its newest drones walkera manufacturers namely Walkera Vitus, which became the sole competitor Dji Mavic
No one can rival the kedigdayaan from drone Dji mavic, which became the best in the year 2017 drone. Presence of drone Walkera Vitus, increased the number of drone that features the latest Mavic Dji, even such drones are already equipped with sensors pengindaraan to avoid the object prevented.

With the penghindar system object, it is clear that the Drone Walkera Vitus not playfully challenging directly the manufacturer Dji to compete in the sale of drones to the consumer. Because the system object penghindar is a very useful feature for customer flying the drones without worrying their drone crashed into something.

Best Drones 2018: Drone Reviews & Buying Advice ,We will be reviewing in depth the latest drone from the manufacturer, Walkera, namely Walkera Vitus. Where the source of references based from official website of walkera and pilot experiences drones who already bought this drone. These reviews we made, especially for you.

the # 1 Design Drones Walkera Vitus

The fact that the drone has a design that Vitus Walkera is similar to the Dji Inspire 1, but also has a folding Design or foldable like Dji Mavic. So the drones Walkera Vitus arguably hasn't been creative in making drones with their own identity. Unlike manufacturers of Xiro, where they have his trademark itself in designing a drone.

For Walkera Vitus drones which have a size of 27.9 x 22.9 Cm By 11.3 Cm. And height when folded then into size 13.78 Cm x 11.02 Cm. In size quite mini is almost equal to the size of the Dji mavic, making it very easy to carry on duffel bag. Moreover, these drones only have a weighting of about 0.89 Kg.

Special is a remote control drone Walkera Vitus i.e. Devo F8S which can also be folded and has 2 antennas make it be very perfect drone. Where remote control of producers is the best remote famous Walkera which usually also dipake in making drones is constructed.

For motor brushless used are also not playing, where the Walkera Vitus claims that the motor used has a strong power but is very efficient in the use of power resources. So give the best flying experience for consumers.

2 # Battery Endurance Walkera Vitus

Viewed from battery design drones Walkera Vitus, which is very similar to the design of battery Dji Inspire. For Lipo Batteries used have a capacity of 5200 mAh-3S with votase 11, 4A. With time chrage long enough, about two hours before the battery is fully charged.

Best drones for beginners,With the large capacity then, Walkera Vitus drone capable of flying for 25 minutes. With quite a long flying time, moreover there is a battery backup in taking pictures and video can also be very maximum without any Miss. But in reality, this was only able to fly a drone for about 20 minutes.
Because of experience in flying the drones with flying duration long enough, will give rise to complacency for the drone pilots are already professional. And it is already contained in the drone Walkera Vitus which is able to give quite a long flying time so you can get the best videos and aerial photographs.

3 # Performance Flying Drones Walkera Vitus

For the performance you need to not ask again, because drone Walkera Vitus is very-very easy to control. If you are a beginner, the drone is very suitable for you because the obstacle sensor systems already equipped.

Drone Walkera Vitus very easily flown in any condition

Even at the obstacle sensor drones it really could shy away from various sides, but the distance sensor with object prevented on this very short drone once around 80 Cm to 100 Cm only. So when flying, make sure also safe distance drones with objects in order to prevent the drones don't crash.

When running a menu of aviation in the android phone to be able to fly a drone, where most of the writing is still treated to some Chinese. In order to display the menu in your mobile phone full walkera using English, you can use your mobile phone model Iphone.

When the drone Walkera Vitus were flown within far enough around 300 meters in urban areas, it is often the case with the disconnection of a remote control drone unit. But in open areas, drone walkera vitus is able to fly much further.

So, we argue that the drones fly only Walkera Vitus in the range of 250 meters in the area of the city. This classic happened in various other professional drone, because of the disturbing wifi signal interference communications drone with your mobile phone.

But when the drone was flying for a long time, sometimes applications on cell phones in a sense is very slow and sometimes experience lag. So it's very annoying when being flying drones, this can be overcome using cell phone premium with high specifications and direkomondasikan use Iphone 5S and above

Drone Walkera Vitus has some features, such as the Return To flight Home, Orbit fly, Active Track, waypoint, and sport mode. With dual GPS owned drone, drone walkera vitus is very stable in the air with GPS satellite reception is excellent.

Drone Walkera Vitus Have Sensors Obstacle

That is, when a disappointing run features from drone Walkera Vitus like active track is sometimes less responsive. Most likely less Vitus walkera applications run well on android phones.

4 # results of cameras and Videos Drone Walkera Vitus

In general the results of camera and video from Walkera Vitus has been very overwhelming. For the quality of the Sony camera with 12 MP, as well as resolution already 4 k results for the awesome pictures. Where the coloration and brightness of the image and the resulting video camera drone Walkera vitus is very natural with the level of lighting you can set yourself like a DSLR camera.

One of the results of air photo Cameras Sony Drones Walkera Vitus PIC: Andy RC

However when in try in sports mode, the video taken a little blurry and out of focus. For that sport mode video hasi can run well, you can set the size of the video to 720 p resolution with 60 FPS.

Setting Manual Drone Walkera Vitus On The Menu Of The Camera On Your Mobile Phone

Then there is a little problem on dreadlocks 3 axis drone Walkera Vitus, where the presence of disturbing vibrations when the drone has been used for quite a while about 18 minutes. Most likely the dreadlocks on drone Walkera Vitus experienced overhead that cause vibration. The hope of the existence of the firmware fixes on a drone in order to overcome this.

the Game Features 5 # Drone Walkera Vitus

FVP device goggles From Walkera Where sold separately

An interesting and different from the drones in General, where the drone Walkera Vitus gives an AR game that gives a new experience in flying a drone. But you have to buy the goggles where FPV devices sold separately by the manufacturer walkera.

One of the games that are on the Drone Walkera Vitus

For games that are available are also very diverse. As there are games races, and collecting coins or sesuatau, as well as game war aircraft. Although the game is very simple, yet very fun if you've tired of flying drones to just take video or pictures.

Conclusion # 6 Drones Walkera Vitus

The conclusion of the drone Walkera Vitus is, where dibendrol at around $799,-via banggood. where you've got drones with a complete package and can be used to retrieve the video area very well.
An excess of drone Walkera vitus i.e. have dual GPS and sensor positioning properly, so you will have no trouble in flying the drones on both indor pools. As well as the existence of an obstacle sensor also can avoid the object barrier drone, making you more comfortable to fly with low.

Moreover, there is also a game mode that makes you gain new experience in flying a drone that makes you not bored to continue flying the drones. Unfortunately the unit FPV goggles walkera sold separately at a price of $149

The downside of drone Walkera Vitus is, applications that do not fully support with android as well as condition dreadlocks sometimes erratic quivering drone capabilities make this decline. So it can be inferred that the drone Walkera Vitus hasn't been able to rival the capabilities of drones Dji Mavic Pro.

Walkera Vitus Drone Drone Professional Best For Photography

One of the most dependable features of drone Walkera Vitus is the ability of sony cameras used in the drone. Where the camera is already using the best resolution at this time i.e. 4 k can produce remarkable pictures.

In dark lighting conditions also this camera is capable of giving a good and natural colors make the drone Walkera Vitus is suitable for photography. For video capture also has been very mampuni.

To picture settings is also very easy, you can simply adjust to the conditions in which you fly a drone. When the lighting is less, you can raise or lower the ISO ISO manually.

In order for the results of your photo or video is easily downloaded, we recommend to use micro SD class 10 the best so that in the process of taking pictures and video can run fast and lag does not occur.
Although not as good as drone ex. Dji, where Walkera already proved that his least drone capable of delivering the best picture for the needs of the consumer. And now there are options in the hands of you. Because the drone walkera vitus is indeed very suitable for you who works as a photographer or event organizer.

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