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Yuneec Launches Three New Drone in 2018

Yuneec typhoon Drone review,The first drone was Yuneec Typhoon H Plus, suksesor of Typhoon H introduced exactly two years ago. Same as before, the unggulannya features is the ability to detect and avoid obstacles by itself thanks to technology Intel RealSense.
Then what makes it worthy title "Plus"? Navigation and the quality of the camera is a better answer. The sixth rotornya is larger, but at the same time can operate up to 40% more noise. Further, Yuneec claims Typhoon H Plus can remain stable despite the wind blowing airs sekencang 48 km/h.

For his camera, Typhoon H sized sensors rely on Plus 1 inch, with resolution 20 megapixels for still photos. The video could recorded not only in 4 k resolution, but also in the speed of 60 fps. In addition, Typhoon H Plus is also promising results in minimal conditions of recording light better.
Yuneec also said that they have redesigned the unique controller based Android 7 inch screen and repackaged to display the results in real-time recording in 720 p resolution. The question of battery power, Typhoon H Plus is believed to be capable of broadcasting nonstop for 25 minutes in normal weather.

Same as before, Yuneec targeting professionals for Typhoon H Plus. The game will begin in 2018, with the first half price $1,800, exactly the same as its predecessor.

The second drone was a Racer, HD mini quadcopter, as the name implies, is aimed at fans of the racing drones. The different modes are provided for novice users or experienced Racer also ready, HD broadcasts in the ' indoor ' circuit thanks to the sturdy construction as well as the propeller is protected.

The session was about to race enshrined in resolution of 1080 p 60 fps, and of course the pilot can memonitornya live with minimal latency. That is quite unique, this drone can ' wake up ' by itself when the crashing object and upside down

It cost me? $180, but consumers still have to wait until the second half of the year 2018.

Best drones for beginners,Lastly, there is the Firebird FPV which is a type of fixed-wing drones first of Yuneec. Armed with a single propeller at the rear, to operate more like aircraft than a helicopter. At the end of his nose embedded in a camera to record the first viewpoint.

Yuneec cannot forget pinned a number of advanced features such as the ability to return home and landed at point off landasnya automatically, plus features geofencing and safety features that prevent the drone was flying too low. The battery itself can last for 30 minutes the time it airs.

That is a bit surprising is its price, i.e. $700. Yuneec is planning to sell it in the first half of this year.

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